"Hold Still" - Samples

1. Trigger sample
2. 13 Weeks sample
3. Desensitized full song
4. Universe of Me sample
5. Disappearer sample
6. Nights For Days sample
7. Cynic sample
8. Scaffolding sample
9. Collide sample
10. Blistering sample

With a wit and intelligence that reveals itself in the structure and
content of each song, Tim Franklin's rock album "Hold Still" takes his
listeners on a tour of his personal struggles with religion, friendship,
self-motivation, friendship, love and more.

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"You Ain't Me - A Frank Black Tribute"

Big Red

I'll Be Blue

This is the first tribute album created by Frankblack.net. I submitted two
tracks under my Clootie moniker and mastered the CD. I recorded,
performed, and mixed everything myself in my apartment except for the
bass and drums on "I'll Be Blue". Jon Hindmarsh played the bass, while
the drums were taken from Josh's performance on "Scaffolding" and re-
edited to fit the song.

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"Hey - A Pixies Tribute"

The Holiday Song (Slow)

The Holiday Song (Fast)

Again, I submitted two tracks for this tribute album and mastered the
CD. For the fast version, I recorded Chris Hobbick on drums and Jon
Hindmarsh on bass live to four track in our rehearsal space and then
added the rest at home. For the slow version, I took samples of each
piece of Chris's drum kit and edited them together in loops.

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"Monadnock" film score

I created a film score for a short film by directors Bryan Fleming and Alex Belsky.  The film takes place during the French and Indian war and is the story of two soldiers trying to take a message across enemy lines.  Here are four cues from that film:

Opening theme

Cue 2

Cue 3

Closing theme

The music was made by me except for some low tom and snare work by Chris Hobbick, and flutes by Ruben Altounian.